Bulldog Life

2015-04-17 13.57.53-1The man of our house is most definitely our Bulldog, Ruger (pronounced Roo-gur, like the gun brand). He is by far the quirkiest, silliest, craziest, most precious joy in our lives! Not a single day goes by that he doesn’t make us die laughing or make our hearts melt. It’s a good thing he is so adorable because he sure can be a little toot! Like hiding under our bed when it is time to go outside (he truly hates the outdoors if it is cold, warm, raining, too sunny, humid….), or not letting me leave the house when it is time to go somewhere (think grabbing my leg with really sad puppy eyes and not letting go!). Weighing in at almost 80 lbs, he pretty much gets his way when I am the only one around 🙂

2015-03-30 15.23.42 2015-04-02 12.20.44Follow along on instagram, asrochester or #rugerthebulldog 🙂



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