Vintage Weekend

My favorite time period is the Victorian Era. I am totally captivated by the customs, etiquette, architecture, fashion, and lifestyle in general. If time travel were possible, I would transport myself there in a heartbeat! This weekend I planned an intimate little bachelorette party for my best friend of 27 years (friends since we were 1!). I did some research for something unique and special, and stumbled upon a vintage tea at The Ashton Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. I immediately knew it was the perfect thing for us to do. We are both lovers of all things vintage and nostalgic for those by gone days. I grew up around Fort Worth and have never heard of this, so I was thrilled to get a chance to try it out. I could do a whole post on the history of The Ashton Hotel, but most people wouldn’t find that very interesting 🙂 But I will tell you this structure dates back to 1915!

ashton1 2015-04-18 13.46.31-1They include valet parking which is always a good mark in my book. Then we spent a few minutes inside the sitting area of the lobby to be called for tea. The waiting area was the perfect blend of vintage and modern, so we were delighted in the ambiance.

ashton4 ashton5The tea itself was incredible. The treats came out in courses, and all the food was delicious…but the scones were absolutely to die for! They had a large amount of tea selections too with your own little tea pot.

ashton2 If you are ever in the Fort Worth area, I highly recommend making reservations for a Saturday afternoon tea!



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