Recycled Paint Can Turned Planter!

Recycling is something I have always had a knack for. Even as a kid, I was coming up with ways to reuse things without having to throw them away. Throwing items away is something I always feel guilty about, especially when they have so much potential. That being said, I also hate clutter, so don’t worry…I’m not a pack rat 🙂

I’ve been watching flea market shows for years and my affinity for repurposing continues to grow. This past winter, we put up a wood privacy fence and stained every square inch of it. It took about 7 gallons total!

I never could bring myself to throw those cans away, I knew there had to be something special for them. I’ve been eying them for weeks, and today I decided to turn one into a planter. I see cute little tin can planters at chic thrift stores selling for at least $10. This was an almost free version. All I had to buy was the paint!

2015-04-15 15.17.50First, you need an old paint can. Remove the label. This label came off pretty easy, but if you need too, soak in hot water, then scrub off. Make sure surface is clean and dry.

Next, make sure you poke holes in the bottom to allow proper drainage. I used a screw driver and hammer. Poke at least 5 or 6 holes. Now, spray a good outdoor paint over the entire surface. I used Valspar outdoor anti – rust. It took about two coats.

2015-04-15 17.46.37Plant anything you like! I recommend filling the bottom with some rocks to allow good drainage, then fill with potting soil. Stick with something smaller that will fit perfect inside.

2015-04-15 17.48.53

I plan on doing some more in different colors, then lining them up on our back yard wall! You can even put it on a little shepards hook, like I did above.

So, there you have it. An almost free, simple little flower pot. 🙂



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