Five Spring Inspiration Ideas

Spring is such a invigorating season especially after a long, cold, gray winter. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than the sight of plants budding, birds chirping, and sun shining! Obviously we are well into spring by now, but I still have some projects I would like to complete before the intense Texas 100º weather comes to stay (which can even happen in May 😦 ). We have lived in our house for about a year, and no landscaping has been done before. So, we really want to focus on sprucing up the backyard. Spring and summer around here are full of cooking out in the backyard, dining al fresco, and enjoying the view from the patio at night which is a woodsy area that is blanketed in fireflies in the summer! Now, on to the list…

1. Create a new flower bed/landscape area in the corner of our new fence. We put a wood privacy fence up this winter and it definitely needs some fluffing. Here are some ideas we have (click on picture to go to original link):

wood-privacy-fence-styles-designs-800x800Flower-bed-with-compostWe definitely want to add some vine up the fence. And do a corner bed with some plants. I will show you the project as we get started on it!

2. Get some outdoor garden storage for bird seed, tools, chair cushions, etc. Still on the lookout, but I really like this idea:

41Fw3mdE1zL._SX466_3. Add some more flowers to the patio. Some of my plants didn’t make it through winter, and I would like to add some more color. My favorite potted plants are geraniums and hibiscus.  Here are some of my hibiscus plants from last spring:

2014-05-27 18.30.542014-10-16 16.40.43

5. Lastly, we want to add some fun, inviting lights to enjoy during those warm summer nights under the stars. Here’s some inspiration for that:

Decorating-Holiday-Lights-Throughout-YearI will make sure to update you with how the backyard turns out soon! Thanks for reading!




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