Meet the Bulldogs

Since I was in high school, I dreamed of owning an English Bulldog. I was madly in love with them! When my husband and I were dating, he wanted to buy me a puppy for my 20th birthday. Now, he was in the Marines, so he lived in Florida at the time, which left me on my own for finding a dog. So I started searching for a bulldog. After a month, I wasn’t able to find one anywhere in my area, but I did stumble upon an American Bulldog website. I thought hmmm, they are cute and I have heard they are great dogs. So I put a deposit down, and a few weeks later picked her up! She grew rapidly, and fast forward 8 years…she is a huge 100 lbs. That following summer after turning 20, we got married and moved to California for his next duty station. Needless to say, a dog that large couldn’t come with us or live in an apartment. So, my parents took care of her, and after all these years, she still lives with them. They adore her, and would NOT let her go 🙂 Meet Maci!

maciLast year after we moved into our new home, I started the search for a bulldog again. I spent a couple of months looking online, in the papers, around town, and anywhere I could think of. I finally found an ad in the paper for one, and he was the last one. We bought him the next day and brought him home. Now, one year later, I couldn’t imagine life without him. Meet Ruger!


That is his mermaid (or merman) pose! He is the most wonderful, loving, funny, crazy little guy! He definitely makes life interesting!


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